Key Grip Definition

The key grip is in charge of the grips and technicians. They are responsible for building all the equipment that needs to be on set during filming. This includes dollies, jibs, cranes, and more. The key grip also moves lights around as needed so they can be positioned just right to create a perfect shot. If you’re interested in seeing what it takes to become a professional Key Grip check out my blog post!

What does a key grip do?

A key grip makes sure that the lighting setup is safe, anchored correctly, and ready to go. They also make sure that all equipment needed for a shot is present and functioning properly.

The best way to get into grips is by working as an assistant key grip at a low level production. This way you are getting hands-on experience while also learning from the key grips that work there. .

On a film set, the key grip is one of the most important people. They make sure that everything needed for shooting is ready and available before it’s required.

In addition to operating the lights, grips assemble and arrange all of the equipment on set including cameras, audio monitors, cables, tripods, dollies and more. It takes a lot more than just lighting to make a movie!

What steps should someone take if they want to get a job as key grip?

If you’re an experienced gaffer, and you want to be a key grip someday, it is recommend shadowing the key grip on set. Also you can learn on the job. Key grip is a trade and, like other trades, it’s best to learn through experience.