Film Industry Salaries

Highest Paying Jobs In Hollywood

When you hear “Hollywood”, the first thing that comes to mind is probably movies or celebrities. What you may not know is that there’s a lot of money to be made in the industry, and people at the top of their profession can make a very good living.

So what are the highest paying jobs in Hollywood?

Executive Producer

An executive producer is responsible for the overall production of a movie. They are responsible for securing financing, hiring staff, and managing the day-to-day operations of the set. Executive producers are often the public face of a movie, appearing at premieres and award shows.

These individuals are usually paid a flat fee for their work, and may get anywhere from 2%-10% of net profits. 


Directors are responsible for all creative decisions made during production. They also have input over elements like editing and sound design.

Directors are paid a flat fee for their services, usually ranging from $75,000-$500,000. Additional fees are often tacked on for work on sequels or spin-offs of existing franchises.


A producer works closely with the director to ensure that shooting stays on time and is completed as scheduled. They are often the liaison between the studio and the director, making sure that both parties are satisfied with what is being produced.


While movie stars may be famous, they don’t have to get rich. Actors and actresses are typically paid a flat fee for their work, with no residuals (payments based on the number of times a movie is aired). Fees vary greatly depending on the actor’s popularity and the budget of the movie. 


Screenwriters write the dialogue and story for a movie, along with additional elements such as camera angles. They are often paid a flat fee for their work, which is usually under $100,000. If the screenplay they write becomes a major motion picture, they can get a percentage of net profits.

Casting Director

A casting director finds and hires all of the actors in a movie. They conduct auditions and coordinate with the director to make sure the right people are cast in the right roles. Casting directors are typically paid a flat fee, and may also earn a percentage of net profits if their work is successful.


Editors are responsible for assembling all of the footage shot during production into a cohesive movie. They must ensure that the story is told in an effective and entertaining way.

Sound Designer

Sound designers are responsible for creating the aural landscape of a movie. This includes everything from the sound effects to the music. They often work with editors to make sure dialogue is clear and understandable.

Production Designer

A production designer is responsible for set design and all elements of what a movie’s backdrop looks like. It takes a lot of artistic vision to make an on-screen location look like it exists in the real world. Production designers are often paid fees based on the cost of their designs, with no residuals or percentage share of profits.

These are some of the highest-paying jobs in Hollywood. While there’s no guarantee of riches, those at the top of their profession can make a very good living. So if you’re looking to make it in show business, these are the positions to aim for.