Character Arc Defined

Character arc refers to the transformation or development undergone by a character throughout a story. It’s essentially the journey that a character takes from one emotional, psychological, or moral state to another. Character arcs are crucial components of storytelling because they add depth and complexity to characters, making them more relatable and engaging to audiences.

3 Types Of Character Arcs

1) Change Arc

The most common is the positive change arc or growth arc. The protagonist starts in a state of deficiency, weakness, or ignorance and, through the course of the story, undergoes a series of challenges and experiences that lead to personal growth, self-discovery, or a positive transformation

2) Flat Arc

– The characters around the protagonist change. The protagonist doesn’t change, which is why the others change.

Hunger Games (Katniss) or There Will Be Blood

3) Negative Ark

Fall Arc = character follows the lie usually ends in self-inflicted destruction (clings to lie)
sees truth
rejects truth
accepts lie

Godfather (Michael Corleone)