Best Filmmaking Books


Making a film is an art form that takes years of practice and learning to perfect. There are many different aspects to filmmaking, from the writing and development process to the actual shooting and editing of the film. While there is no one-size-fits-all guide to becoming a great filmmaker, there are some excellent books that can teach you the basics of the craft.

Here are ten of the best books on filmmaking:


1. Making Movies by Sidney Lumet 


This book is a classic on the art of filmmaking. Sidney Lumet, an award-winning director, takes you through the entire process of making a movie, from development to post-production. He provides insights and advice on every step of the process, and offers valuable tips for both novice and experienced filmmakers.


2. The Filmmaker’s Handbook by Steven Ascher and Edward Pincus


This comprehensive guide is one of the most popular books on filmmaking. It covers all aspects of the craft, from pre-production to distribution. The authors provide clear explanations of both the theory and the practice of filmmaking, and include helpful tips and examples.


3. Rebel Without a Crew by Robert Rodriguez 


This inspiring book tells the story of how Robert Rodriguez made his acclaimed low-budget film, El Mariachi. Rodriguez offers a no-nonsense guide to guerrilla filmmaking, sharing his tips on everything from casting and crewing to shooting and editing on a shoestring budget.


4. Film Art: An Introduction by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson


This book is a great guide to understanding the language of film. David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson provide definitions, examples and new insights on everything from framing and mise-en-scene to sound and color. This updated edition includes material on such recent developments as digital media, computer animation and independent filmmaking.


5. Shooting to Kill by Christine Vachon 


Christine Vachon is one of the most respected producers in independent film. In Shooting to Kill, she takes you inside her world of film production. She shares her personal insights on working with legendary filmmakers like Robert Altman, Todd Haynes and Whit Stillman, and offers advice on how to develop your own projects and launch an independent career.


6. Hitchcock by Truffaut 


What makes this book so great is that it’s actually a series of conversations between legendary director Alfred Hitchcock and the French New Wave filmmaker Francois Truffaut. Like any good interviewer, Truffaut asks incisive questions that get to the heart of Hitchcock’s film techniques and theories. While there are no tricks or gimmicks here, you’ll learn more about filmmaking from these interviews than many other books on the subject.


7. The Five C’s of Cinematography by Joseph Mascelli 


This classic book provides a clear, detailed guide to the art and craft of cinematography. It covers all aspects of shooting a film, from lenses and lighting to framing and composition. This updated edition includes new material on techniques used in digital filmmaking.


8. In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch 


Walter Murch is a master of sound design and editing, and in this book he shares his insights on the art of film editing. He covers all aspects of the process, from pre-production to post-production, and offers valuable tips on how to create a cohesive and effective film.


9. Directing the Film by Michael Rabiger


This book offers clear, step-by-step advice on how to be an effective director. Michael Rabiger is a highly successful commercial and music video director, but his advice in this book is useful for directors of all kinds of films. He covers everything from working with actors and managing your set to working with the camera and editing your film.


10. The Visual Story by Bruce Block


This book is a great guide for telling your story visually through the use of composition, camera movement and editing. Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez says: “Of all the filmmaking books I’ve ever read, this one has helped me the most.” With its clear examples and practical advice, you’ll be able to apply Bruce Block’s principles immediately.

These 10 books are just a small selection of the best books on filmmaking. They cover a range of topics, from cinematography and sound design to directing and editing, and will help you to hone your skills as a filmmaker. 

So whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned pro, be sure to add some of these books to your film library.