One aspect of filmmaking that I wish I embraced early on is the art of the short film.  These days more than ever it’s a great medium with so many people online and using youtube. There are tons of great 48 hour film challenges.  Gearing up for another one in Phoenix on May 31. Beat The Clock 48 Hour Film Challenge I always like to prepare by watching as many award-winning shorts as possible.

This week, I found a great one by Wes Ball, director of the newest Planet of The Apes film. It’s called A Work in Progress.  This is what a great short needs.  High concept.  A hook.  Pull your audience in and have a powerful ending.  I like the fairly tale elements of this story, it’s about a bear who needs a friend, told from the perspective of a writer who also needs a friend.  Talk about great subtext.  This short won a Student Academy Award.

Student Academy Award

The Student Academy Awards are like special prizes for college students who make movies. If you’re in college and you make a great film, you can enter it to win. They have different categories like storytelling, animation, and documentaries. Winning can get you money and attention from people in the movie industry. You can find more information about it on the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences website. Yes, it’s still happening! It’s an annual event that encourages young filmmakers to show off their skills.